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If you are like most people, when it comes time to purchase a new car, there never seems to be enough spare money around to purchase it. Unfortunately, most consumers either get financing through the dealership, allowing the dealership to make even more profit from you, or you go to your local bank where you have done business for years. But what other auto financing options have you considered to make sure you are getting the best deal?

You obviously want to find the best auto loan that fits your budget and your requirements. Most people probably do not have the first idea of where to start looking outside of the option of dealership financing or their local bank financing, but you need to know that you have many more options available, which may represent an even better deal than either of those two standard options represent.

Have you consider an online auto loan? If not, you should. The beauty of shopping online for your auto loan is that you can do it 24 hours a day, whenever it is convenient for you to do your shopping. With the speed of electronic processing and the internet, you can have your online auto loan quote in a matter of minutes.

But then how can you compare online auto loans?

Compare each company that you get a loan from and see which company offers the best deal. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples when you are comparing loan quotes. It is much more than just comparing the interest rate and number of months that you will take out the loan for. Some companies have stiff penalties for late payments, some have a penalty for early payoff, and other items typically found in the fine print.

When you find a quote plan that you like, make sure it is your best option and determine how it compares against other online auto loan quotes, as well as the loan quotes you have gotten from the dealership and your bank or credit union. Make sure you are aware of any hidden charges or application fees that need to be taken care of.

You should also consider a payment protection plan. This is an insurance policy attached to the loan which pays it off if you should become disabled, laid off from your job, or can no longer make payments for some reason. If you opt for something like this, make sure it is something you need, and if so, what the specific criteria is for when you can use the coverage.

Be careful not to go to each and every online loan site out here and apply. What will happen is that your credit report with the credit bureaus will show that you have applied for a new loan from many different places, and with all those new requests on your credit report, lenders are going to be less anxious to give you their most favorable rate program.

So be sure to consider all aspects of an online auto loan. Just because it is done online does not guarantee that it is your best deal, but it is certainly something worth investigating so you can keep as much money as possible in your pocket!

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